How to Order MetProCo Products

There are two ways to order – in stock or custom.

In Stock

You can order from our extensive catalog – as you find it or modified to your specifications easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Select from our in-stock pieces (short quantities).
  2. Contact MetProCo for price and delivery information. Minimum orders of standard feedthrus are delivered same day. Quantities up to 50,000 typically require up to 8 weeks.
  3. Simply fill out the flanged feedthru form or the feedthru form and submit to us.

Ready to Configure & Ship Off the Shelf

Please contact the factory for price and delivery information on any of the diverse selection of off-the-shelf, ready-to-ship, DC and 50 ohm hermetic feedthrus shown on this website. Please include body length and diameter, lead lengths and diameter (flat or radius ends), and whether the application is RF/Microwave or DC.

Here are some considerations for your orders:

Typical Specifications

Pin Style: Nailhead, Flattened, Straight cuts flattened with pierce, Double Diameter pin, Radius on One or Both Ends, etc.

Hermeticity: All feedthrus are designed to meet a leakage rate no greater than 1×10-8cc/sec. at one atmosphere.

Meniscus: .005 inches maximum on either side

Dimensional Tolerances: ±005 inches unless otherwise specified.

Plating: Gold plate per Mil-G-45204, type III, class 2, 50-microinches minimum over Nickel flash per Mil-C-26074 (RoHS Compliant), of course we can plate to your requirement.

Standard feedthrus from stock (same day shipment if required) can be delivered within a maximum of 8 weeks. (minimum order 25, maximum 50,000 pieces)


Your design. Metal Processing welcomes your requests for custom feedthrus to meet your specific application requirements, and will assist you in developing the ideal feedthru solution.

Please contact us for more detailed dimensions and tolerances for the feedthrus depicted on this website.

You can send your designs to us by using the order forms on this site and we’ll come back with a quote – typically within 48 hours. Research and development has been an on-going discipline practiced by our Applications Engineers for more than 25 years – for our customers and our customer/partners. Nobody in the industry delivers custom work quicker.

Your Problem – Our Solution. Present us with a problem. We Have Never Met A Problem We Couldn’t Solve. We’ll work with you to develop the perfect feedthru solution. Our ability to develop solutions for sealing and electrical performance in the widest thermal ranges and highest microwave frequencies as well as the traits and behavior parameters of a wide range of materials allows us to work with you to solve any design or performance problem you may encounter.

Please email, call 978-649-1289, or fax 978-649-2855 to get started on a solution or find out more.