About MetProCo

Metal Processing Co. Corporate Statement
Quality, Conflict Minerals and Counterfeit Materials

Metal Processing Co., Inc. provides the finest quality products with absolute integrity for our customers.  Our policies, procedures, and processes are designed specifically to help our customers achieve success in meeting regulations, requirements, and their needs for the highest quality and functionality.

Toward that end, we demand that our suppliers conform to the most stringent and most recent regulations regarding Conflict Minerals* and Counterfeit Materials.  We source our materials meticulously and exclusively from authorized manufacturers and distributors.

Moreover, we take our responsibility as a corporate entity as seriously as we take the design, manufacture and delivery of our products.  We endeavor to treat the environment, our community and our employees with the utmost respect.  In the rare instance of hazardous waste disposal, we outsource it to certified and vetted professionals.  We minimize waste and pollution and we work to continuously improve our processes.

If you have any questions, we of course maintain all records on file.

*Dodd Frank Act Section 1502